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I hate sneaky people, but I do love catching them and watching them make up lie after lie

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Pretty fricking much ;

Yep, I have to keep reminding myself that I wouldn't look good in stripes.

I always say I want to punch people in the face.not violent :p>>not in the face at least

You have to be a special kind off guy to handle this Aries Female.....

Man enough? You need a man Aries to handle a female Aries.

WE WON OUR VOLLEYBALL GAME !!!! <<< I DID TOO!! Last Thursday!! I have another tomorrow!! Whoop!! :)))

Volleyball is a great sport it runs in my family I have a passion in plying it even though I do not play it often. Its very inspirational and a passion to play with my family.

Check out this years newest Volleyballs. Volleyball is a great way to keep the entire body in shape. Consider taking up the sport today.

Volleyball = Never-ending bruises. The struggle is real for Volleyball girls!

White glittery silver nails

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White and gold manicure

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Out of those intelligent tricks to make your appearance sparkling gorgeous also includes these white nail arts designs to try