Travel Diary: Summer in Santorini

TRAVEL DIARIES: Oia, Santorini It’s no secret Santorini has been one of my favourite places to visit and photograph over.

#Papigo, a Greek traditional village in #Epirus, attracts many hikers and mountaineers from all around the world #Greece

Beautiful Papigo (in Epirus) is the definition of a Greek, mountainous village

The Port of Sifnos | Photographer Stephanie Bassos' favorite Greek isle is Sifnos. These photos show exactly why.

17 Photographs That Prove the Greek Island of Sifnos Is the Next Santorini

Photographer Stephanie Bassos' favorite Greek isle is Sifnos.


Our friends at Freunde von Freunden went to Oaxaca to savor the mystical drink of maguey, mezcal.

Triangle de Choisy, Paris / Blog / Need Supply Co.

Just Paris : Chinatown, le triangle de Choisy (The Voyageur)

Photo by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos.

Und. Athens: An Alternative Art-Guide For The Greek Capital

Photo by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos.

The Broad, Los Angeles / Blog / Need Supply Co.

After years in construction in its prominent DTLA location on Grand Avenue, The Broad at last opens its doors today. Our friend, architect Alfonso Medina of Studio, considers what the gleaming new sculpture means for L.

Πρόκειται για το μεγαλύτερο φαράγγι παγκοσμίως σύμφωνα με το βιβλίο Γκίνες και ξεκινάει από τη γέφυρα του Κόκορου τελειώνοντας στη γέφυρα του Βοϊδομάτη.

View on the river Vikos (Voidomatis), Ioannina prefecture, periphery of Epirus, Greece.