29 Magical Disney Princess Snapchats

29 Magical Disney Princess Snapchats

Pixar’s Old Man

Weird, I didn't notice that. I noticed that the guy who fixed woody was the same guy who played chess with that guy, but I didn't notice the chess pieces in drawers, and neither the aristocrats.


Omg my sister@ Lidia Gomez "me first, me first.because i'm a lady, that's why.you're not a lady, you're nothin but a sister" one of my fave animated movies and my fave quote from it!

Tangled, paper-art

Beautiful Rapunzel Paper Sculpture by Jackie Huang. I love how she used paper quilling to give the hair movement.

Disney Princesses

Hey guys so I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a Disney roleplay with me just comment what Disney person you would want to be (there can also be princes) I'm Ariel(red hair, and a craving for adventure)

Favorite Disney movie an arrogant thief a badass horse and a happy ending what more could you ask for?

Fashion Inspiration: Walt Disney's Tangled

Walt Disney Animation Studios released this brand new movie poster for the upcoming animated film "Tangled" aka Rapunzel by directors Nathan Greno and Byro