Liebe print Liebe Poster Jubiläum drucken Liebe Zitat

Liebe print Liebe Poster Jubiläum drucken Liebe Zitat My DIY would say "it was you" "then came you"

Be a little more you and a lot less them

Love being the outsider.I get to witness more-the things others are totally oblivious to.

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One of my favorite quotes charlotte said in grade wegglands class "you have bags under your bags" Literallly i n e v e r slept in middle school i didnt need fucking sleep i was running on love and attention

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That's right!

Welcome to the Karma Cafe. There are no Menus. You will get served what you deserve.

Ελαττωματική για σενα...

defective, faulty, deficient, imperfect for you, special for others

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