First dates: Disney vs. real life

Haha this is so true. Why don't boys do cool stuff like that on a first date? I mean for real high standards here men.

They only got the one take where he wasn't cracking up

Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien could not keep a straight face while filming this scene. They only got one take where neither of them weren't cracking up and that is the one they used in the show.

Video Game Awesomness

FPS Logic...

These are funny but you actually do get red in the corners of your vision when strenuous activities have taken a toll on the human body^^^yeah okay mister clever person

Pretty much! lol XD

'Deadpool eyes 'John Wick' director David Leitch to replace Tim Miller (Exclusive) : Ryan Reynolds previously worked with Leitch on "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which introduced him as Wade Wilson.

teen wolf

I'll take the one whos sarcastic and over protective of their jeep oh and only has his sarcasm and a damn baseball bat for his only defence thanks very much

my dad is like every time one direction is on the radio changes and i put in one of my cds just to anoy him! my mom is like me lol

17 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Singing In The Car

Omg this is so me xD>> my mom is actually okay with it cuz she used to be in love with a band called Menudo so she knows how I feel but my dad whenever I shout out the lyrics he gets really mad and tells me to be quiet :/<<this is my whole family

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The only time EVER that Louis as been the angelic, obedient one... well he's always angelic ; ) but never obedient; Mister "It said do not dial nine, so I dialed nine." HE CAN EVEN READ WHAT A PHONE SAYS PROPERLY WITHOUT DISOBEYING IT

The Late Late Show (Based on a True Story) on

The only time EVER that Louis as been the angelic, obedient one. well he's always angelic ; ) but never obedient