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Greece - Kalymnos - in the streets of Masouri

Masouri is located on the west side of Kalymnos island (Greece) and it is one of the most popular tourist resort of the island. It is considered to have one of the best beaches of the island with. Greece - Kalymnos - in the streets of Masouri

Castle of Chora of Kalymnos - Greek Castles

Castle of Chora of Kalymnos - Castles, fortresses and towers in Greece

Characterized as the island of sponge for its long tradition in sea sponge harvesting, Kalymnos is an island with sceneries of virgin natural beauty.

While approaching the harbour of Symi, you will be overwhelmed from millions of feelings. The colourful houses of the village climbing .

Kalymnos Greece Kalymnos ( Greece Dodecanese ) lies on the southeast side of the Aegean Sea. It is mostly mountainous with rocks and small plains. There are many rugged coasts, caves, bays, coves and natural harbors. There are also many islets around, most of them uninhabited. The island is famous for the sponge diving and also world famous for its fields of sport climbing trails, easily accessible from paths. About 100-150 new routes are opened every year by Greek and foreign climbers. The…

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