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[3/3] rules: guy for every girl / your guys' problems have to be just as bad as the girls' / dm me to play a doctor or nurse / you need to have big issues, not ones that don't need a mental institute / be active - there'll be things happening so check back often / post tons please and thanks :) / add at least three people when you join.
"That's not true." James said, making a face at the sign. "Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a perfect gentleman. Perfect, yeah. Man, yeah. Gentle, nah."
I don't like what she says to me, but I still beleive it.
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wind and words;
Give me that dark moment; I will carry it everywhere like a mouthful of rain. - Mary Oliver, from “Pen and Paper and a Breath of Air: Excerpts,” Blue Pastures (Harvest, 1995
Dark Space Aesthetic
I miss you. I want you back. I never appreciated you when you were with me. I'm sorry; please come back.
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