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My Morning Routine — christina77star | Plan your Life. Achieve your Goals.

Using pen and paper automatically sets my brain in a focused mode. When I write things down, I put my head in order and it makes me more productive. Check all the reasons why I prefer analog planning.

Looking for Your True Self? 10 Strategies for Self-Knowledge | Psychology Today

How can you find your "True Self?" These 10 strategies can take you down the path of self-discovery.

How to Meditate for clarity, intuition and guidance. Excellent article by Best Selling Author, Teacher, Master Psychologist  Jack Canfield. Go here now: Meditate. Yoga. Success. Jack Canfield. Success Principles. Clarity. Intuition.

Learn how to meditate with Jack Canfield. This simple, guided meditation technique provides clarity, intuition, and guidance, even for beginners!