Elisavet Boulogeorgou

Elisavet Boulogeorgou

Elisavet Boulogeorgou
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Geometric Arrow Tattoos

When we spotted Sarah Hyland with her newly inked arrow tattoo, we were immediately obsessed. Arrow-motif inks are simple and elegant and look beautiful

scorpio woman tumblr - Google Search

I am lucky! Word of Warning: If YOU are also & never forget that nor treat the Scorpio Man& love as a casual possession. To securely hold the affections of this strong, loyal and understanding man is a gift - a cherished treasure.

Lmfao!!! Everyone loves a Scorpio woman! lol We are kinky for sure!

Everyone loves a Scorpio woman lol (Neptune in Scorpio; Cancer in house of taboo -- scorpio's house. my venus & mars are here)