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Veta Chatziioannou
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"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong." Peter T. McIntyr #quotes #positivity

"IT'S OK" kids tee by: It's Ok Apparel. OMG Kendall says this all the time! Me: Kendall, can you please put that down? Kendall: It's OK mommy.

Kids are the best!

Some people want to have a little girl who will play dress up for them, but I have a little girl who will ask me for a skateboard instead of a doll. We are all a little different!


bedtime stories with daddy

she walked in this morning saying, "mumma, i'm ready to adventure."

Jad ma akh kola har roz Phela ah pal wekan nu mile Rabb kare mere armaan jald pure ho jan

Daddy's helper

Millie likes watching her Daddy cook. Like her mum, who really just likes watching Bucky be so relaxed.

'Do you wanna dance little bear of mine?'

I've done a similar series of photographs of my daughter and her stuffed animals. Makes me smile :)

Comfy cozy in bed with mama

Mother and daughter in bed

Rock A Billy Doo

37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls - I guess this is more like "future child stuff" but oh my lord, so cute!

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can you tie my shoelace mum?

in black & white

There are all kinds of hugs in this world, but silly hugs from a child are among the best. Meditating on the value of things that come with no price tag, today. Hugs from my daughter brighten any day!