Elissabet Siranidou

Elissabet Siranidou

Elissabet Siranidou
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Awesome Stairs Street Art, http://hative.com/awesome-stairs-street-art/,

Street art is visual art created in public locations. Those public locations can be walls, streets, pavements and even stairs. Check out these Awesome Stairs Street Art, and there is surely something which can inspire you.

Streets: World Roundup (May 1 – May 20)

Street Art by Seth Globepainter & HTJ somewhere in Tahiti, part of the Ono’u fest (photo credit by Marc Emmanuel Louvat)

Anti-Cruelty Society

Be Kind To Animals Pledge, A Kindness Pledge: I shall always be kind to animals, I shall always protect animals so that they may not suffer, I shall let my friend know that we must be kind to animals. ~ The Anti-Cruelty Society shares

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