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Favorite resources and tools to use in the elementary classroom. These resources range from math to science to literacy to the alphabet to social studies to…
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Calendar time is a very useful daily activity that has so many benefits to our students. Just like most activities, there should be routines, expectations and the right tools. Check this blog out for ideas for your calendar time.
Calendar Time with Little Learners
Calendar time is a very useful daily activity that has so many benefits to our students. Just like most activities, there should be routines, expectations and the right tools. Check this blog out for ideas for your calendar time.
four children's books with the title, one is for each book
Your students are guaranteed to love these chapter books that are perfect for read aloud time. Make sure to download the FREE comprehension cards that can be used for any book.
a stack of desks that have different types of writing on them
Classrooms certainly do not look the same as they did 10 years ago and they continue to change. One of the biggest changes is seating as we have moved away from desks and more towards flexible seating. This blog gives you several benefits for your classroom when you decide to finally ditch the desks. Make sure to read it before you set up your classroom this year, it just might make your life easier.
the birthday book for kids with scissors and crayons
Birthday Books for Classroom Birthdays - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Coming up with fun birthday treats for your students can be a challenge from year to year. Your student will love this FREE, low prep birthday book from their classmates. Make sure to download your copy today.
printable name worksheets for kids to practice their handwriting and writing skills with
Name Writing for Beginner Writers
Name tracing is one of the easiest ways for little ones to learn how to write their names. Download your FREE copy today.
this is an image of free printable safety posters
Creative Ways for Safe Greetings in the Classroom - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Positive morning greetings are a great way to set the tone for a great school day for students. This FREE greeting chart is perfect to hang outside your classroom door. Make sure to download your FREE copy today.
the benefits of shared reading for children to use in their homeschool or classroom
Why Shared Reading Is Good For Your Students - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Shared reading and guided reading are often confused but they are two different things. Check out this blog to learn about the various benefits of shared reading.
a classroom door with the words, how to use class dojo in your classroom
How to Use Class Dojo in Your Classroom - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Classroom management is key to having a successful school year. There are so many strategies out there but my go to is Class Dojo. This blog will tell you everything you need to know to get started this year. Good luck!
science rules for kids with pictures and text on the front, in black and white
Science Rules for Little Learners
One of the very first science lessons that you will teach each year is about science safety. This FREE rule poster includes 4 simple rules for your students to follow. Download your copy today and check out many more helpful resources.
homework worksheet with pencils and crayons on the table next to it
Homework in the Primary Classroom - Mrs. Jones' Creation Station
To give homework or not to give homework is a debate that has been going on for years. There are many pros and cons to assigning homework and this blog addresses them all. Before you start the new school year, take a moment to read this blog, you won't be sorry that you did. Follow me for more helpful teaching tips.
an open book with words and pictures on the pages that read taking the work out of homework
Taking the Work out of Homework - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Assigning homework doesn't have to be a time consumer. This blog will explain how to make assigning homework simple for everyone involved. Check it out today!
homework binder with the words homework and free printables
Homework Organization Made Easy - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Implementing homework successfully in your elementary classroom requires having an organized system. Check out my blog to learn more about the system that worked for me and download your FREE copy of homework labels.
the back to school homeschool classroom favorites are organized in baskets and bins
Homeschool Classroom Favorites
Are you considering homeschooling? If so, check out some of my must have favorites that my kids and I used the most. Follow me for more homeschooling ideas.
three children reading a book together with the title, how to keep students on task
Small groups can be a highly effective strategy when teaching elementary. However it can also be one of the most challenging skills for a teacher to master. If this is a weakness for you, read this blog and I will tell you how to make it work in your classroom.
20 fun zoo books for little ones to read
HOME - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Summer is here and that means finding things to do with the kids. The Zoo is a popular place to go and here is a list of books that will get your kids excited. Follow me for more book suggestions.