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Conquering Fear!  I work at it daily!

Inspirational Quote - Fear Quote - Sunflower Photograph - mounted print wall art - Let Your Faith Be Bigger than Your Fear - God is always there for you, talk to him, ask for help, ask for guidance.and remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Enneagram Type 7. We prefer to just keep things loose so we can change course whenever the mood strikes and pursue what makes us happy. This becomes especially evident when we have to deal with someone else's negative feelings, emotions or situations.

It's a joke of course, but it also captures to 7 personality perfectly. have ahard time committing to things, people, ideas, plans.

Retro comic enneagram type nine daydreaming

Thought Bubble 2014 The Innovative Writers of Image Comics - Jason Aaron, Scott Snyder, Kieron Gillen and more talk about their work, process and interests.