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Robert Pattinson pictures and photos. Robert Pattinson portrays Edward Cullen from Twilight, New Moon movie, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

i love twilight but i also love jokes

Naruto, Star Wars, and Harry Potter vs Twilight. Edward killed a viscous psycho vampire Victoria and countless murderers and rapists. People seem to forget that <<< Naruto has never killed anyone, but he does save the world multiple times

Hunger games humour but idk what shes interupting cuz I don't watch twilight movies

Hunger games humour but idk what shes interrupting cuz all they were doing was breathing loudly.so ya yhu interrupted there acting -_- so ty

Add a little Twilight Humor.

This moment was actually not to laugh at. It was horrible, but seeing thia picture. I just can't help myself 😂