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an image of a cartoon depicting a bus driving down the road with people on it
jesus standing in front of a group of people with the words he has rizen
i’ve always wanted him
the different types of dinosaurs are shown in this diagram, and there is also an image of
a man hanging upside down on a tire in a garage with the caption saying, she's mentally preparing themselves to say there is a normal way during attendance
the four horsemen of accurate subtitles
Accurate - Funny
a woman standing on top of a bridge with the words what is the whole city be like
Dad Of A Cheerleader Agrees To Let School Use His Property For Their Fundraising Event, Takes His Promise Back When The Focus Shifts To The Football Team
a man is holding a book with an arrow pointing to it and the caption reads, hey i was reading this book and it remind me if you should totally check it out
a woman standing next to a man in front of a sign that says job interview
a red haired woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a wall with the words, or you can ignore me, that's fine too
the text message was sent to someone who is wearing a purple animal suit
the text on the screen is very funny
two tweets on the same page, one is saying what is your darkest desirer?
Manado, Mood
#mbti #type #infj #isfp
a woman with long blonde hair is looking at the camera
the text message is being displayed on an iphone's screen, and it appears to be
an anime character with the caption saying everyone would've made more sense if shinji had a bow cut
the weezer aesthetic
girl, interrupted // whisper // winona ryder // angelina jolie // 90’s Angelina Jolie, Girly Things, Pretty When You Cry
Lisa Supremacy 🫶🏼
girl, interrupted // whisper // winona ryder // angelina jolie // 90’s
a man with a fake moustache on his face is making a funny face
Personality Types, Funny Images, Infj Mbti, Mbti Charts, Infj, Istp
how are you gay and can't dress? you just wasted your time in the closet (kyoko sakura wearing atrocious clothing) Madoka Magica, Fandom, Anime Meme, Gay
kyoko im so sorry
someone is holding up a fake tweet with the caption that reads, this is like twister, but for adults and their drama
an image of a man sleeping in bed with a dog laying on the pillow next to him
an image of some sort of text with different colors and shapes on it's side
Sure is a shame that i can't control tl lements to reflect my current emotional state. not that i need to be any more cool, d powerful than i already am but nonetheless i think i deserve it RC "Y generalgrievousdatingsim deserve it - iFunny
two people are walking down the hallway with one person wearing a prison uniform and another is holding a backpack
two men sitting at a table in front of a screen with the words astrology and stock market bt on it
a woman sitting on top of a brick wall next to a sign that says, you're not a true goth goth until you invade and sackrome
two pages with different types of text on them
Tell me your stories - Funny
three people with different facial expressions on their faces, one is wearing glasses and the other has
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