Kastelorizo, Greece

Travel Inspiration for Greece - Kastellorizo, an island in the south eastern Mediterranean, Dodecanese, Greece.

White & Blue

The nine stripes represent the nine syllables of the phrase Eλευθερια η Θάνατος (freedom or death). Colors white for freedom & blue for the Greek blue sky.The cross is the symbol for the orthodox christianity >!

A donkey in Greece

A Private Residence By Interior Designer Tina Komninou In Hydra, Greece

Leonard Cohen in Hydra Island

Leonard Cohen playing guitar next to partner Marianne Ihlen - Hydra, Greece - October 1960

Support Greek Tourism with a concrete, crowd-funded campaign

Join the generation that's deterrmined to lead Greece to a new era. A very interesting crowd-funding project to promote Greek tourism to the US market!

Melina Mercouri: a beautiful Greek soul

Melina Mercouri: a beautiful Greek soul