Jessica Hische's daily drop cap project

Daily Drop Cap - Jessica Hische began her and final alphabet as part of her incredible daily drop cap project. Jessica has made the entire library freely usable for non-commercial projects.

Fun lettering ideas ~ by ingridsart #journal

Lettering - Art Lettering - Hand Lettering -Typography - Calligraphy - Fun lettering ideas ~ by ingridsart red hand lettering

Illuminated letter #typography

Title page of hand-illuminated & illustrated copy of "The Silmarillion" (author J. Tolkien), by artist Benjamin Harff. This spectacular work for the entire hand-bound book took Harff a year.

Photo Letter Alphabet

I can give the kids a disposable camera and a list of the alphabet to check off, then take them around town to find all the letters to make a collage or spell special words in photo letters!