Mr. Tea Infuser

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One-Of-A-Kind Gifts and Mr. Tea Infuser at Perpetual Kid. Throw some tea in your trousers! Tea Infuser is fun and easy to use! He's no fool!

Learn how to brew tea like a pro without being an tea expert :) Re-pin now, check later.

Brewing Times and Temperatures For the Perfect Cup of Tea

How To Brew Tea: Brewing Times and Temperatures For The Perfect Cup of Tea. I've been drinking soo much tea lately like a mad hatter.

All natural cold and flu remedy. Get recipe here:

All-natural cold/flu remedy

Making this soon to alleviate my sore throat. yumm All-natural cold/flu remedy: lemon, ginger, honey. Get the recipe at Simple Green Smoothies.

10 #Teas from Around the #World - Discover more in this #infographic -

Teas Around the World - to help you brush up on your tea knowledge with this infographic that looks at the many different types of tea from around the world.

Submarine Tea Infuser - This is awesome! "We all [drink out of a] yellow submarine!"

Submarine Tea Infuser - This is awesome! "We all [drink out of a] yellow submarine!" I should get one for me and one for my mom because yellow submarines are kinda our thing now.

The first time I had a London fog (earl grey and vanilla latte) was in a coffee shop in Vancouver. I was excited to find this recipe so I can make it at home.

London Fog Tea Latte - strong Earl Grey Tea, hot vanilla almond milk, 3 tbsp vanilla syrup (no sugar). Pour hot Earl Grey tea into a large mug. Stir in vanilla syrup. Steam milk and pour it into the sweetened tea.

Best Benefits Of Oolong Tea, never knew there were so many different types!

14 Best Oolong Tea Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

Ever tried to add oolong tea to your diet? Wondering how can oolong tea benefits your health? Well, read top benefits of oolong tea for hair skin and health

Chai masala

A CUP OF JO: The Best Masala Chai (I'm posting another chai "recipe" just because this photo is so beautiful!) (By Pooja Makhijani of Notabilia via Joanna Goddard at A Cup of Jo) // HAATI CHAI

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