Eleni MOUZ

Eleni MOUZ

Athens, Greece / οδηγίες για πλέξιμο με βελόνες και βελονάκι-knitting and crocheting patterns-tejidos con agujas y crochet-tricots et dantelles-Russian & Japanese informations!
Eleni MOUZ
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Balance by Eisschirm

eisschirmchen: “Soul Eater // Soul x Maka Awww I just really love Maka in Soul’s jacket. ♥ And I have the headcanon that he gives his jacket to his meister when they’re on their way back home.

SOUL EATER, Franken Stein,

Kid Stein embracing the sound of madness while adult Stein tries to block it out.

Schéma ou diagramme pour crochet Modèle de points divers

Crochet lace ground stitch with diagram ~~ oblique blocks and shell columns ~~ from Crochet patterns book 300