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a person holding up a piece of architecture
Maquetas de detalles constructivos
Maquetas de detalles constructivos - Noticias de Arquitectura - Buscador de Arquitectura
a room with wooden slats on the wall
Sean Godsell Architects, Earl Carter · Peninsula House
Peninsula House
an image of a building that is very close to the ground and has metal railings on it
East Village Apartments | Louvreclad
Using Louvres and Feature blades provides a perfect solution to efficiency cooling the building while also adding style to the exterior.
an image of wood textured wallpaper in grey and white colors for interior design
Uncategorized – Eight Story Building
Uncategorized | Eight Story Building
the shadow of a skateboard is cast on wood
Formwork / Architecture Republic
The beauty of an unadorned concrete wall. The traces of its genesis still visible on its surface. A canvas for the play of light and shadow. A noble material.
an architectural drawing shows the various parts that can be used to build a glass wall
This product is no longer available.
Source economic frameless folding door 12mm glass door sliding bi-fold door on m.alibaba.com
the diagram shows different types of valves and their corresponding components, including one for each valve
COBURN Straightaway 250 sliding door gear
COBURN Straightaway 250 sliding door gear - dimensions
an architectural drawing showing the stair elevation and floor plan for a new home, which is currently under construction
Gallery of Capitol Residence / PB Elemental Architecture - 15
Gallery of Capitol Residence / PB Elemental Architecture - 15
the mono - stringer is shown with instructions for how to install it and how to use it
Get A Free Staircase Consultation
Detail of the Mono Stringer staircase system. The architectural stair is a must for all open flight staircases.
a set of metal stairs on an isolated white background
Steel Spindle Railing on Floating Stairs – Hamptons, NY
How Much Do Custom Floating Stairs Cost? | Keuka Studios
a line drawing of a shelf with two brackets attached to the top and bottom shelves
Stair Base Detail (1043)
Stair Base Detail (1043) | Tekla User Assistance
a diagram showing the steps in which people can go up and down to their destination
an architectural drawing shows the floor plan for a building with multiple levels and sections that are connected to each other
Gallery of Dolomites House / JMA - 29
Gallery of Dolomites House / JMA - 29