This so true. I can perform in front of big crowds with no problem but have me give a speech in front of a small group of people & I will be ready to pass out. Lol.

So true. I get SO nervous talking in front of a small crowd people but I have no problem dancing in front of hundreds of people!

How #dancers read! :) #dance #dancerproblems

All dancers end up reading, watching tv and playing on the computer in this position. If your flexible anyway. Its a good way to get down into the splits too.

story. of. my. life.

Point is spelled wrong it's supposed to be pointe. I also have ballet arms and hands every time I extend my arm. And I tap dance on every hardwood floor without realizing it :)

So true!! Then you're all sad after!

Here is a collection of great dance quotes and sayings. Many of them are motivational and express gratitude for the wonderful gift of dance.

This is so true.

My life in a single photo.taped toes, convertible tights and blisters…

We do not spin we TURN

It irritates the snot out of me when people call turns in dance class "spins. A spin is something anyone can do because there is no control; anyone can spin around like an idiot. bad mom...;) i'ma do what i gotta do - brother walks in... "what the... you need to stop that girl! no guy will want to marry you cause' ur so strange!"   Me: ;) lol

"It's called a straddle mom do u want me to succed in life if so I'm gonna be a dancer and when I can't do this I'll say my mom said it's not ladylike "

Story of my LIFE. Especially if you replace "grocery store" with "any public location" :)

Story of my LIFE. Especially if you replace "grocery store" with "any public location" :) People just stare at me and I stare back continuing to dance, until they feel uncomfortable

haha pretty much! :)

What makes a great teacher? Sometimes, finding the right teacher for you is a matter of trial and error.

The sad and ugly truth... The reason i myself have ugly feet...

ballet-every-day: danceistolivetoliveistodance: diaphanousflare: danceoflove: glitzjigsandsass: great practice tonight ;) Oh my god…. How do you Dance through that! Bless you this is pure beauty