the positivity box

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a poem written in spanish on the side of a body of water with trees and flowers
a white wall with a blue window and flowers in the window sill on it
three yellow sticky notes attached to a clipboard with the words, o baqut ber pelepou in russian
a white wall with vines growing on it and a poem written in black ink below
a woman's lips with a flower sticking out of her lip and the caption reads, elvini tropananciune
there is a poster on the shelf next to a potted plant and some plants
a vase with pink flowers sitting on top of a window sill next to a book
The Unit, Positivity, Box
a pink flower sitting on top of a white wall next to a quote that says, the
a dandelion blowing in the wind with a quote below it that says,
a woman sitting at a table with her head in a tea cup and saucer
a watering can filled with flowers on top of a blue background and the words, happy birthday
a small purple flower sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a poem
a dandelion with the words to vai siu khooloc unjoventik soak youevat no dine happen avn