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if i had a face like yours id sue my parents! | Grumpy Cat 1 | Meme Generator

Tardar Sauce, aka the Grumpy Cat, has become an Internet sensation. Here are the best Grumpy Cat meme moments.

With all our "smart" technology people are growing dumber cause they don't have to think for theirselves anymore...

Grumpy cat quotes are funny to read. Tardar Sauce also known as the Grumpy cat is a celebrity and queen of cats. We have collected a list of amazingly funny and hilarious pictures of Grumpy cat [.

Grumpy Cat says: If we were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters

Sure, I’m not going to deny that I like Tarder Sauce, the Grumpy Cat. Or, I should say that I appreciate the memes that sprang up around this cat’s…interesting likeness.