Love the graphic and idea! My captions: "Love to stay, but really (mustache)" "Can't talk/chat/stop now; (mustache)" "So/Too busy/behind; (mustache)" "If/When you fall behind, you (mustache)"

Alexander the Great, Thesaloniki,

Thessaloniki, Makedonia, Greece - My photo from Monument of Alexander The Great

The Colossi of Memnon, Egypt, guarding entrance pylon to mortuary temple of Amenophis III,

Luxor, Egypt

My fav Egyptian place - Colossi of Memnon, can only imagine the sights these big guys have witnessed.

Bix San Francisco,

Oldie but goodie - BIX Restaurant. Awesome atmosphere, amazing martinis, and delicious dishes

The Fat Duck,

The Fat Duck - Bray (Heston Blumenthal). One of the best eating experiences ever .

omg so cute haha,

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Mustache Glasses,

the mustache sunglass Mellies I want to wear these while drinking from the gun mug

Antic Sirmium in Serbia,

Antic Sirmium in Serbia,


U poseti Gamzigradu: Gamzigrad is a huge Roman complex called Felix Romuliana - In the visit of Gamzigrad

Donkey taxi,

Donkey taxi,

Jeep Safari in Egypt,

Jeep Safari in Egypt,