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Learn to dance like Shakira

Shakira Photos - Shakira performs at Madison Square Garden on September 2010 in New York, New York. - Shakira in Concert at Madison Square Garden - Show

shakti+woman.jpg #Women's Spiritual Poetry

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths: Miglas Māte (Mother of Fog) is a Latvian Goddess who held Dominion over Fog. She was especially venerated by sailors.

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One day I will take private belly dance lessons! Hearkening back to the matriarchy: when femininity was beautiful in + of itself vs. its appeal to libido.

消失的埃及肚皮舞者在哪里? 作者:Lara Sameh,翻译:Jesse Liang 就像别的埃及女孩一样,小时候我也热爱肚皮舞。在埃及,大部分女孩好像天生就知道怎么跳舞。它不是我们要去学习的东西,而是我们感到生来就具有的并且随着成长而拥抱着的东西。……

Egyptian Dancer Samia Gamal, Thrusting Sidewise to Make a Lassolike Pattern, by Loomis Dean - from the archives of LIFE MAGAZINE