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#fall #fashion / gray knit scarf + leather
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Wear denim seven days a week? No problem said blogger @katiesbliss. She took the Target challenge and wore our denim for a week. Skinny jeans, jeggings and boyfriend cut, check out her outfits here: http://www.katiesbliss.com/2015/09/7-days-of-target-denim-relaunched-katies-bliss.html/
Chic Look, $23.99 now, Free shipping & Easy Returns +Refund! Get your hands on this perfect embroidered casual dress! Casual style, cute design and a generous cut come together to make this top a must have! More picked up for you at Cupshe.com !
What to Wear With White Jeans This Summer
Farmhouse table decor...
Χαλβάς Σιμιγδαλένιος με Πορτοκάλι και Μπαχαρικά (semolina halva with orange juice and spices)
Κάνε μια σεράνο και θα είσαι υπεράνω- Συνταγή για τούρτα που σε κάνει άρχοντα — KoolNews
Παγωμένο γιαούρτι μέλι-λεμόνι
Παγωμένο γιαούρτι ροδάκινο