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the race to $ 100 game is shown with coins
10 Money Games and Activities for Teaching in 2nd Grade - The Sassy Apple
two yellow clocks sitting on top of a wooden table next to dices and paper
Rush Hour Game - How to TEACH Kids How to Tell Time! -
money song for kids to play in the classroom or at home with their own coins
two numbers and one number are placed next to each other on a piece of paper
Number Facts Games: Uno Flip for Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication
Number Facts Games: Uno Flip for Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication
a child's hand writing on a paper with flowers and letters in the background
25+ Super Easy Dot Stickers Learning Activities for Preschoolers - Happy Tot Shelf
two hands are next to a sign that says build a city with legos on it
Build A City
counting worksheet with numbers to 10 and the number ten on it, including two lines
Counting Tally Marks
We now have tally mark worksheets!! Visit our tally mark worksheets page to view the entire collection!
Read and Reveal Reading Intervention
worksheet with words and pictures to help students learn how to use the word list
No TK Curriculum? No Problem! (FREE Pacing Guide & Assessments!)
FREE Sight Word Activities - Kindergarten Guided Reading Groups
These adorable sight word fluecny passages will help your kindergarten students memorize their words FAST - print FREE flash cards and assessment checklists over on the blog, plus print freebie activities to try for yourself! Perfect for your classroom guided reading groups - distance learning if you're teaching virtually or kindergarte homeschool #kindergarten #sightwords #kindergartenreading
the worksheet for numbers 1 - 10 with pictures of farm animals and barrels
Tally Marks Worksheets – 8 Worksheets / FREE Printable Worksheets
Tally Marks Worksheets ~ I like how they show the correct # and tally on the top of the worksheet.
the words in this poster are very colorful and fun to use for learning sight words
Colorful 100 Sight Words Chart