Summer Camp at Grymes

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It’s Think Outside the Box Thursday and don’t think for a minute that my kids were happy to be missing this week’s activity even if it…
Four Corners Game: Getting to know you, icebreaker, great for back to school


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Hula Hoop Marathon. This is a fun activity set to fast and fun music. Students begin hula hooping and when the music stops, everyone drops their hoops and runs to another hoop.
Camp Mom! 20 Activities to Make Summer Awesome for Everyone. Definitely doing this this summer!
10 Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids


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Jack and the Beanstalk mathematics and craft activity: ask students to count out magic beans, leaves, and clouds. S1 Maths and Art
This is one of my favorite Holiday stories. It highlights the gift of giving without expecting a return for your generosity. Here are some key hands-on links to tie into your learning stations. (Click on yellow links for instructions). These are very engaging activities – just what you need as you approach Winter break! Make …
elves and the shoe maker Finger Knitting and Sewing Like Elves! - Fairy Dust Teaching


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The Three Little Pigs & the Preschool Science - ALSC BlogALSC Blog
Straw/Blow Painting - Three Little Pigs
Build a house for the three little pigs - Fairy Tale Science and Engineering


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the princess pea sorting activity is fun for kids to do with their hands and feet
Preschool: Fairy Tales {Week 2} - Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten
Preschool: Fairy Tales {Week 2} - Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten - School Singing, Songs for Younger Voices, Early Years Music, Teachers, Musicals, Nurseries, Pre-School Songs, Traditional Tales, classroom activities, classroom resources
a sign on the wall that says it's think outside the box thursday complete the picture below it is not a heart
It’s Think Outside the Box Thursday and don’t think for a minute that my kids were happy to be missing this week’s activity even if it…
three pieces of paper cut out to look like letters
Name Posters - Personalized Classroom Decor - Molly Maloy
Name Posters for the beginning of the year! Students color on the first day of school, then you can hang them up in your classroom for the rest of the year!
an adult coloring page with the words,'my students will help them to learn how to
Growth Mindset Coloring Pages
Mistakes will help me learn
the logo for fibonacci art project
Fibonacci Art Project
proyecto de arte de Fibonacci. Gran proyecto de arte VAPOR matemáticas.
kids'art lesson how to make a pie mondrian piece from scratchsticks
Kids Homeschool Art Lesson: Piet Mondrian
Kids Abstract Art Lesson - Piet Mondrian
a coloring page with the words i can do hard things in black and white ink
Free Coloring Page: Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Coloring page - "I can do hard things"
a bulletin board with pictures and tassels hanging from it's sides that says look who got caught reading
Love this for any age! Would be great start of year parent assignment/ get to know you activity...ask parents to send in a photo of their child reading in ANY location! Try to make sure book cover is visible!
an adult coloring book with the title growth minds coloring sheets
ED: Growth mindset colouring sheets #growth #mindset #colour #color #sheets #students #teachers #education #classroom