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an orange and pink flower pattern on a white background
Designer Amy MacCready
Designer Amy MacCready | Happywall
colorful flowers and leaves on a white background
an assortment of colorful flowers on a white background with the words, 20 beautiful floral graphics
a bouquet of colorful flowers on a white background
Di Ujdi
Di Ujdi
an illustration of rabbits and flowers in pastel colors on a white background with blue, yellow, pink, green, orange and purple
Hop to It! | Dear Stella
an image of colorful flowers on white background
Lovey, Baby Blanket, or Adult Blanket: 70s Floral. Floral Lovey. Floral Baby Blanket. Retro Floral Lovey. Baby Gift.
"DETAILS ON EACH: 17\"x17\" lovey: A lovey is baby magic. It's a 17\"x17\" miniature blanket with soft textures introduced to babies to help create a quick sense of calm and security. It's especially useful in secondary environments, like the carseat, stroller, at daycare, in the NICU, or grandma's house. Its appearance signals a time for calm and rest. I've seen my own babies pick theirs up and go into a little trance. Magic! The satin ribbon and soft fur on the back give them something to do with their hands, and its small size makes it more portable for them--you'll notice it's easier for them to love on a lovey vs. a full size blanket. 36\"x36\" baby blanket: Our best size for new babies! We love this blanket so much, and so do babies! The colors are vibrant and fade resistant. Babies