Emmanuela Giotaki

Emmanuela Giotaki

Emmanuela Giotaki
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This is a typically unhinging and badly finished closet door, but there's a certain art to its worn-out look! Only in Yemen

Crystal circles suncatcher #wire_wrapping

Crystal circles suncatcher for the back deck next to Willow.and different stones - agates, sea glass, etc.

golden ratio

Golden Mean Ratio: The golden ratio describes the relationship between two proportions. The ratio between subsequent Fibonacci numbers approaches the Golden Ratio, denoted by the Greek letter Phi.

Le Corbusier em Ronchamp

The bio-architect Maurizio Signorini tells of Ronchamp: Notre-Dame du Haut church that asks you to participate, that whispers to you that there is a happiness, but this is to be found in the truth of life and of actions.