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a hand is holding a red object over a piece of paper with circles and letters on it
¡¡¡Piecitos 🦶 al agua!!!
"@playtimekids te muestra una actividad perfecta para días de sol ☀️ o para jugar en el baño 🛁 de la casa. Materiales: una silla bajita, dos recipientes amplios donde quepan ambos piecitos, fichas de diferentes tamaños y agua. Instrucciones: pedirle a tu hij@ (estando sentado) que pase las fichas de un recipiente con agua a otro usando sólo sus pies.
an image of a computer chip with the words'engine chase au tresor'on it
Chasse au trésor énigme mystère pour enfant - KIT à imprimer
Chasse au trésor énigme pour enfant
Runde Karten Idee - kostenlose Download Vorlage
two pieces of paper that are on top of a wooden table with some type of sticker
Spy Party
Some great secret message ideas - Wolf Elective 1a: Use a secret code.
a yellow and black keyboard sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of paper
Spy Party
Ontcijfer de geheime code.
scissors and paper cut out to look like circles on top of a piece of paper
S'CAPE-Le ConcentrX de S’CAPE
S'CAPE-The ConcentrX by S'CAPE
the words escape room puzzles are shown in blue and white with pictures of different objects
DIY Escape Room for Kids at Home - Hands-On Teaching Ideas
there are many different activities to do with the kids
9 Creative DIY Escape Room Ideas Kids will Love
several wooden scrabbles with words written on them