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I love this series. The style of dance isn't exactly what I was looking for but her movements and the movement of the flour is. I would use color for the flour instead to liven it up and make it more festive for a music festival. - stop motion

Horizontal Poster

Description of museum-quality Carola Trier posters, printed on archival paper, and available in either horizontal or vertical orientation, featuring Joseph Pilates' student on the reformer.

pilates anatomy

Ustrasana-Camel Pose-B E N E F I T S — Stretches the entire front of the body, the ankles, thighs and groins, — Abdomen and chest, and throat — Stretches the deep hip flexors (psoas) — Strengthens back muscles — Improves posture — Stimulates the organs of

Joseph Pilates quote....

"Pilates is the complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit." and "Above all else learn to breathe correctly." ~ Joseph Pilates in

Sandy for GRATZ photo by Jack Coble

About the rules in Pilates. Jay Grimes taught Sandy that Pilates is full of shades of gray. Part 2 of "The Rules About Rules"