sewing room.

Efficient Ways to Organize The Sewing room. Sew Organized: Designing Sewing And Craft Areas

Anne Brooke Textile Art

Fabric book journal page layout idea textile embroidered scraps text map sewing

explication de Pattern Magic

I’ve finally gotten around to playing with one of the styles depicted in Pattern Magic. The style I selected was on page 90 of the Japanese edition -which I bought direct from Bunka befor…

Mary Craik. Beautiful in its simplicity.

Quilt by Mary Craik. "pinned something with strips of fabric creating land, sky type effect. Adding a circle moon or sun would be wonderful. You could even do strips of yellows and then cut them to create the sun.

Pattern Insights - Jersey Twist Patterns

This with Frau Tulpe fabrics - well-suited: Pattern Insights - JerseyTwist Patterns

Junko Oki

Junko Oki - gorgeous fabric art that gives permission to make this kind of work…

IDEA:  Trap thinner fabrics behind embroidery to join to other cloths, without seaming. Layout the fabrics over one and another to make large ares.  Tack roughly together.  Machine embroidery over in geometric patterns.  At rough joins, use embroidery thread to make decorative stitching over the joined areas.  Traditional patchwork rectangles can change to any odd shape,i.e. the whole garment can become a work of art, a painting of colour with fabrics and embroidery.

pepa bonnin - notice the rows of buttonhole stitch making grids

Textile Collage Strippy unframed by Mandy Pattullo

Textile Collage Strippy unframed by MandyPattullo on Etsy, This would make a pretty pincushion top.

DIY Handmade Craft Ideas 2014. I wonder if the crayon idea would really work. I like how the orange is in a leaf shape.

DIY Handmade Craft Ideas I wonder if the crayon idea would really work. I like how the orange is in a leaf shape.