Erica 💜 Papadopoulou

Erica 💜 Papadopoulou

Erica 💜 Papadopoulou
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How to draw simple Christmas shapes

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Ecco come disegnare.

Winter /Christmas

Christmas: polar bear, bell, present, tree, gingerbread man

Nunu's house miniature food containers #miniaturefood #nunushouse

2017 April, Accesorios, By Nunu's House for the lovely, creative, cute miniature Lock Lock Lunch box.

um sooo uhh i forgot what i was gonna say

I love this simple princess art!

Who's up for a trip to Disney World?

This llama potion necklace you should make sure doesn't get into the wrong hands lest you have a Emperor's New Groove-esque coming of age adventure.

DIY paper craft MINI soprano ukulele. Download Papercraft Soprano Ukulele (PDF) Papercraft Soprano Ukulele You may also download the big image from my Flickr Stream. In under ten minutes you can have your very own uke! Great for Christmas tree trimming, package wrapping, or just to collect dust. All ya need is scissors and glue. A skewer or coffee stirrer, glue stick, and X-acto knife are also helpful, but not needed.

A printable miniature guitar!

DIY Treasure Chest 3D Card / Kirigami pattern

Templates and instruction video for making this card, but I would just make the treasure chest part as a teeny tiny box.

Tiny figurines interacting with everyday objects in interesting ways (By Miniature Calendar)

Tiny Figures interacting with everyday objects in interesting ways.