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erietta papadopoulou

erietta papadopoulou
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Land Rovers - for more #things to do, see and experience in #Southern #Africa go to

❦ What do you call a group of Land Rovers? A flock? A gaggle (they're on land) A gang? A herd? A pack? My bet is: a 'Pride' of Rovers!

Luxury Tents in Tuscany, Italy! Another great reason to visit Italy!

The Safari tent Woody is the most popular model of our tents. The frame is from sturdy woody beams, and is looking great.

Fairmont Mara Safari Club - Masai Mara, Kenya

The Fairmont Mara Safari Club is a luxury resort in Kenya surrounded on three sides by the breathtaking Mara River. A Top 20 Luxury Resort by Travel & Leisure Magazine, The Fairmont is host to a number of fine dining, safari, and outdoor activities.