erifili levakou

erifili levakou

erifili levakou
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:O This one is sooo perfect ! The truest BFF quote I've read @Ana G. Orellana <3 <3 lol Love you Gorgeous :) Welcome to Pinterest! haha

my best friend and i have been together for half our lives, i love her more than life itself, i know she's a true friend because we're so raw with each other and no matter what happens, nothing between us ever changes. true friendship is her

I honestly can't say I'd be here without you, Best Friend. You have been so loyal and sweet and generous for so long. I love you and can't imagine ever being able to repay you in this lifetime. But I can love the hell out of you and protect your heart the way you have mine. I love you, Best Friend.

dear bestfriend, I honestly don't know what I would do without you friendships friendship love girls best friends forever and always quotes quote sayings saying Hrubec Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer rodgers

i already have a few but I'm always looking for more! :) Comment?

Guys I know it sounds desperate and crazy but I don't have a pintrest bestie! I used to have one but she got rid of pintrest :( comment below if you wanna be my pintrest bestie!