printed brochure design -folded

Just adore this unique brochure! Printed + folded brochure design - Graphic design inspiration - Print and Packaging - Portfolio inspiration

High Dive

Nadadora triangle print by blancucha on Etsy.

ARCHIVAL PRINT Passage / map collage cartography travel birds mountains pattern embroidery geometry red thread via Etsy

2 color poster series.

Dan Judge Red Curtain Music Series Posters: From Paper Crave: Each poster in the series is a two color screenprint, printed in a limited edition run of 50 each. Love the color combinations in each piece, I love the illustrations.


woody allen design with glasses and orange overlay


This is a poster for the musical singing in the rain. The main poster colour scheme is a range of blues. when we think of blue we think of cold as it is a cold colour and i think this works well for the singing in the rain poster.

©Mathilde Aubier

(©Mathilde Aubier) Collage: different shapes, abstract art is still art, you can be as creative and as strange as you like!

Editorial | Carlos Zamora

Carlos Zamora great color and use of abstract design

Nice design

Jaroslav Sura Illustration Poster for a performance of Yugoslav songs and dances in Prague. From Graphis Annual Design

Designer: Stanislav Bilek

Corporate Identity for Multi Cultural Forum 2010 / 2011 Designer: Stanislav Bilek

WE WORK by Squat Design , via Behance

WeWork - Physical Social Networking Identity by Squat Design. "WeWork is an office-suite business, with a distinct concept - it constructs space with open

Vs Magazine identity by Rasmus Koch Studio

nice font combos and layout

Posters : Alvin Diec in Print

polish posters

Feta – Young Theatre Festival by Joanna Górska

Apartments Series

Apartments Series: Film One graphic design layout idea art typo