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USB port! | USB集线器来自Hacoa

the decor live provides best furnishing for home and office to make it stylish and elegant. No need to lavish budget to create great office interior look good just visit here. I think it's a hard drive or USB port.

Os designers Hector Esrawe e Ignacio Cadena encontraram uma forma criativa de homenagear o seu país de origem, o México. Eles criaram uma instalação interativa que reproduz, em grande escala, os piões tradicionais do país, chamada Los Trompos.

I totally just saw this while I was in Atlanta for The Reformation Project conference! "LOS TROMPOS": interactive design installation by Héctor Esrawe & Ignacio Cadena at High Museum of Art - Atlanta

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I would love to help make these real for every young child who needs them. #handicaplive handicaplive.com

Funny pictures about It makes me happy knowing that these exist. Oh, and cool pics about It makes me happy knowing that these exist. Also, It makes me happy knowing that these exist.