Evangelia Syrri

Evangelia Syrri

Evangelia Syrri
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Exploring the markets, art, and food in Thessaloniki with some awesome local tours!

I get to know quirky and creative Thessaloniki through it's food, markets, artists and nightlife as I explore this fantastic city with it's locals.


Yummy and quick, this coffee cup quiche takes chewy bagel bites, eggs, cream cheese, ham and spices for a savory breakfast on the go!

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts - Ocean Mist Farms

Heat pan, add oil, cook Brussels on medium heat for 12 minutes starting with flat side down to brown. Add garlic when 5 mins remain.

23 Dorm Room Meals You Can Make In A Microwave

How to steam broccoli in mcrowave. I’ve always steamed by broccoli on the stove, but not anymore. Steaming broccoli in the microwave is EASIER and takes half the time for perfectly steamed broccoli.