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Labor and Delivery Meds 🍼 Emoji Pain Control = Fentanyl FENTanyl = FANTastic pain reliever 💊 Induce Labor = Oxytocin OxyTOCIN = get ready to see babies’ TOES IN my arms 💊 Postpartum Hemorrhage = Methergine METHERgine = MOTHER is bleeding out 🩸 💊 Ripens Cervix = Dinoprostone DINO the dinosaur 🦖 ripes OPEN & SOFTENS the cervix 💊 Eclampsia = Magnesium Sulfate MAG sulfate = MEGa relaxer for seizure activity 🧠⚡ 💊 Nausea = Ondansetron ONDANSETRON = being ON a DANCing TRAIN can make you 🤢 💊
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Oligohydramnios Complications and Management Nurses Note Link 👇
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Choosing The Best LPN Nursing Schools - 3 Great Options - Nursing Degree Info
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This NCLEX bundle Nurse study Notes includes : - Lab Values - Vital signs - Conversion - Pain Assessment - Pain Assessment Drugs - Maternity - Newborn Reflexes - Common signs and symptoms - Common Diet for patients - Sexually transmitted diseases - Baby Growth Assessment - Psychology - Medication Classification - Pharmacology - Drug Schedules - Injections - 25 Nursing Mnemonics/Acronyms
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Priming tubing for blood product administration 🩸
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