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Only kids read Harry Potter. | 17 Reasons You Should Never Read "Harry Potter"

17 Reasons You Should Never Read "Harry Potter" Only kids read harry potter. (that's not a briefcase. what are you talking about? as we said, its for kids.

Emma Watson Covers Elle U.K., Talks About Feminism and Fear About That U.N. Speech  Emma Watson, Elle UK

Full sized photo of Emma Watson Covers 'Elle UK' as a Feminist! and emma watson elle uk feminism issue Check out the latest photos, news and gossip on celebrities and all the big names in pop culture, tv, movies, entertainment and more.

The guide to all of Emma Watson's awesome hidden talents!

She's a certified yoga teacher. In her recent cover story in Wonderland, Emma revealed that she's actually a fully trained yogi. She first sought out the zen workout to help cope with the stresses of constant travel. If only we knew where she taught.