10 Job Hacks To Help You Through The Daily Grind. Re-pinned by #Europass

Work Hacks - 10 tips for reducing job stress and improving efficiency - work smarter, not harder

Learning languages always pays off! Re-pinned by #Europass

People who speak multiple languages make the best employees for one big reason

Drawings of balloons in different colours and two languages are seen in a classroom of a refugee deportation registry centre in Manching near Ingolstadt, Germany, February Picture taken on February REUTERS/Michaela Rehle -

How you can overcome your education and unleash your creativity. Re-pinned by #Europass

4 Things You Learned in School That Make You Less Creative

How you can overcome your education and unleash your creativity. Re-pinned by #Europass

Country specific reports: which skills are needed in future?  Pinned for you by #Europass #skills #employment

The main findings of the European skills and jobs (ESJ) survey are available here.

Flexible working hours can be stressful. Pinned by #Europass

The curse of flexible work

Flexible working hours can be stressful.

Want some inspiration and enthusiasm for your career? Check this out, you won't regret it. Re-pinned for you by #Europass

Tina Roth Eisenberg: 5 Rules for Making an Impact. Tina Roth Eisenberg was chugging along in her career as a designer… and then her daughter.

The world of work is changing, but education and training systems are not keeping pace. A new report charts how to prepare for the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution. Re-pinned by #Europass

We may have less than 5 years to change how we learn earn and care A jobs revolution is underway.

#Google doesn't care about your grades, they care about your "intellectual humility" aka ability to learn. Interesting! Re-pinned for you by #Europass

Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates