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m-onstax: “Happy Birthday to the dorkiest maknae, Changkyun!


SUCH CHRISTIANITY >> I was in a car and I passed a "Morning Star Baptist Church" those in the car with me didn't understand why I was laughing so hard.

YOU GUYS YES WE ARE THE COOLEST FLAUNT IT ON YOUR SKATEBOARDS Tumblr humor, funny, marching band humor

To be more specific, a Tenor Saxophone, and he is riding a long board. Sax, but IDE probably end up hurting it really bad. That and I haven't pulled out my longboard and rode it in over a year.

Answer the question, grave robber.

If you're a time-traveling archaeologist, it doesn't much matter. right Professor/Doctor River Song?

One time I said I would eat my French friend in Spanish and my teacher was laughing so hard.< that's beautiful

I automatically read "french friend" as "French Fries" so I was confused when he acknowledged the mistake because I didn't even notice it.