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Stylish Bookcase Design in Various Models : Amazing Mid Century Modern Bookcase Design With Some Detached Rooms Countain Many Stacked Books . For books and records.

Square Gabriel-Pierné, Paris

I want to sit here someday! Square Gabriel-Pierné A bench of books. This little pocket of a park just behind Institut de France was named for Henri Gabriel-Pierné, a French composer, conductor, and organist who died in Square Gabriel-Pierné, Paris VI

15th century book box

Book Box (ca. Northern Italy Lombardy 165 x 130 mm Gift of a benefactor, PML 127676 Held by The Morgan Library & Museum

Choirbooks from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The book is large enough for the entire choir to read from one book. Once the printing of music became easier and more commonplace, choirbooks fell out of favor, replaced by smaller, cheaper, and easier to handle books. A choirbook was a major investment. At larger cathedrals choirbooks were sometimes lavishly decorated and illuminated.

maninthebottle: “ From archives of Prague castle, photo by M.Peterka (Source: Lost and Found in Prague) ” I love images from the past that show readers interacting with old books.