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an aerial view of a building with stairs
Reinhabitation of Drimonas settlement in Greece - KooZA/rch
a cardboard model of a house on top of a piece of cardboard with the door open
Shelters For Roman Archaeological Site -
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a chair and window
a room filled with lots of metal cages
Set Design Projects & Models
a man standing on stage in front of a set of stairs
ALCESTE de Chrstoph Willibald Gluck – WebThéâtre : : Actualité des spectacles, théâtre, opéra, musique, danse - Paris
three people standing in front of a stage set with balloons on the floor and one person holding a cell phone
Bühnenbild und Licht: Werther
two people are sitting on a bench in an empty room with scaffolding around them
Grant Achatz's Self-Made Challenge –> Scaffolding Dreams
a man standing in front of a cross on top of a white stage with stairs
Photo Exclusive: The Sketches and Models Behind the 2015 Tony Nominated Sets and Costumes | Playbill
Alvin Ailey, Physical Theatre, Gates Of Hell, White Pictures, Dance Movement, The Genius, Dynamic Poses, Human Poses, Dance Photos
The Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg presents Rodin