evangelos alexandropoulos
evangelos alexandropoulos
evangelos alexandropoulos

evangelos alexandropoulos

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Awesome definition of strength #strength #quotes #inspiration

Weigh In Wednesday – Share Your Successes

Focus on how far you've come

this knowledge comes a little too late, I guess...

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10 Inspirational Quotes for the New School Year

AMEN! That done in secret is blessed by God. Don't cancel it out by seeking a blessing (i.e. attention or praise) from mere humans.

This quote describes a part of me because it touches on how everyone sins and people should acknowledge it. Knowing that at some point, everyone has sinned, everyone has made a mistake, then, you can accept that the mistakes themselves can be different. This describes me because I like to think that I am generally very accepting of people with different lifestyles and try to keep an open mind.