Evangelos Zissimatos

Evangelos Zissimatos

Athens / Passionate about technology and social media! Coding lover, basketballer, skier and movie-aholic!
Evangelos Zissimatos
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Never go without battery juice again! Charge your mobile devices by simply rolling your luggage.

Travel carrier Kinetic Energy Case A case with a battery built-in is cool, but you know what's even cooler? A case that generates kinetic energy as the wheels turn, which can then juice up your electronics. Cost: Concept only Image: Yanko

Is mHealth Poised to Explode?

Infographic: Is mhealth poised to explode? The emerging field of Mobile Health (mHealth) has enabled consumers to use smartphones to answer their own health-related questions. Here's a look at the impact it's having on our culture and well-being.

How important are social networks and technologies to the CEOs of UK businesses?

Enter Now and Discover an Awesome Infographic on the Role of the Social CEO on Your Resource for Salesforce Information, News, and Articles.

Beats by Dre - Beatbox

Beats By Dr. Dre is getting in the mix of speaker docks. This is the new Beatbox, which you can hook up to through bluetooth, or actually dock your phone on it.