Evangelos Zissimatos

Evangelos Zissimatos

Athens / Passionate about technology and social media! Coding lover, basketballer, skier and movie-aholic!
Evangelos Zissimatos
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Never go without battery juice again! Charge your mobile devices by simply rolling your luggage.

Travel carrier Kinetic Energy Case A case with a battery built-in is cool, but you know what's even cooler? A case that generates kinetic energy as the wheels turn, which can then juice up your electronics. Cost: Concept only Image: Yanko

Content Management Systems #infographic

Content Management Systems Jungle: Find your Way [Infographic] -- [Content Management Systems] [CMS] [WordPress] [Joomla] [Drupal] [Overview]

memoto - A recording device that snaps a photo every 30 sec of your life and uploads it to a server so you may journal it as you wish.

Memoto is a tiny camera you clip to your shirt that captures a picture every thirty seconds - Kickstarter future product products-i-love

The Linked In Profile

More employers use LinkedIn for professional networking than any other social media site. Make your own LinkedIn account, or come to Career Services and have us help you today!

The Retailers Guide to Social, Local & Mobile (SoLoMo)

SoLoMo Infographic: Retailer Guide to Connecting Social Media, Local Search and Mobile Marketing - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community