St. Paraskevi

Paraskevi AC born in Rome AC during the reign of the emperor Antoninus.

Archangel Michael

Orthodox Christians refer to him as the Taxiarch Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael or simply Archangel.

St. Anastasia the Roman

Anastasia the Roman AC came from Rome. When her rich parents died, she divided the property to the poor and left to a monastery.

St. Eleftherios

The Hieromartyr Eleftherios was born in Rome (or Greece) in the century AC. At the age of he was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Rome, Anikitos.

St. Fotios the Great

Fotios the Great

St. Anthony the Great

Anthony the Great was the first ascetic human being of the Christianity, the founder of the Monasticism. He was born in Coma of Egypt in 251 AC and.

St. Chryssi the Neomartyr

Chryssi the Neomartyr AC was Born in Slatena village (now Chryssi), province of Almopia, Pella, Greece. Her poor parents and relatives were.

St. Constantine & st. Helena

Constantine the Great and St. Helen were highly appreciated by the Byzantines. In the middle ages, the depiction of the first Orthodox Emperor and his.

St. Kyriakos the Anchorite

Kyriakos the Anchorite