Jade Eyes - can't escape them

Green eyes are my favorite. The most rare eye color-estimated only of the worlds population have green eyes. // My mother has green eyes, my father has green-blue, and I have green with light brown around the pupil. This makes me proud to have green eyes.

Bombay, India | Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry's Most Beautiful and Powerful Photo Stories - Mother and child looking in through a taxi window, Bombay, India, 1993 - mymodernmet

those eyes...

BoredPanda - Top 10 Most Famous Portrait Photographers in the World - Lee Jeffries . His collection of black and white portraits of homeless people is unique and stunning. He depicts a glimpse of hope in the eyes of his subjects.

Banjaran Girl

This photo from Rajasthan, West is titled 'Banjaran Girl'.

"the emperor's new coating" by theshanghaieye (via Flickr Blog)

vermillion walls of old beijing. if you can catch them in between painting they make for richly layered close-up photographs

remember my grandfather do that...aww

Bananas, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 1980 Rosalind Solomon not vintage but a great image

Desert Crossing, Rajasthan, India  Photographer Catherine Karnow

Rajasthan holds a beauty which only a few cannot see. The vastness of the desert, the humble lifestyle of the villages and the rich culture they share is truly famous. Desert Crossing, Rajasthan, India Photograph by Shivji Joshi, My Shot

Balinese Dancers  Photograph by Wei Seng Chen

Opulent costumes adorn performers in a Balinese barong dance, which brings mythological characters to life in a struggle between good and evil, complete with choreographed fight scenes reminiscent of professional wrestling.

every little line..

every little line..