oak and tiles divided with metal strip

The Absolute Guide to Hardwood Flooring

"God," German architect Mies van der Rohe once famously said, "is in the details." It's hard to imagine more beautiful details than these eight boundaries where two flooring surfaces meet, marrying different materials in innovative and elegant ways. If yo

Concrete might seem like an unusual choice for your kitchen, but given the right setting, its rustic, textured look can set just the right tone. Take a look at these 15 kitchens, where countertops, backsplashes, and even whole islands made of concrete feel just right.

Renovation Inspiration: 15 Truly Gorgeous Examples of Concrete in the Kitchen

Interiors Inspiration from Milan's Marble-Clad Hallways

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Heringbone Floor

Interior MA by INT2 Architecture

Room Bright Interior MA Home Dining Room Space Near Floor To Ceiling Framed Windows Showing Standing Painting Elegant Room Remodel with Modern Interiors Tiny House. ~ Home Interior

Floor Color

Société NGRS par Crosby Studios

Hubert Home in Paris | Black&White, Cupid

This one bedroom apartment in Paris by Septembre is a beautiful example of how to make a small apartment feel light & breezy.

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